District 9 Director, Neill Blomkamp’s New Trailer hits!


We can all sigh a breath of relief. There might be hope on the horizon for some legit Blomkamp sci-fi coming our way soon!


As a huge fan of Neill Blomkamp we were extremely bummed to read news about his Alien film getting the brakes. We love the Alien franchise, and Ridely Scott can make some damn pretty movies. He knows graphics, story however… Blomcamp has way better chops. Can you imagine how fantastic an Alien Blomkamp movie would have been? Ugh god, it’s like being robbed of a sci-fi classic. However there is some good news that is just coming out now!  Neill Blomkamp has released a trailer for a new project he is working on called Oats Studios! Mysterious!

Oats Studios is a production company led by Blomkamp that will be putting out experimental sci-films that will be available for purchase on Steam. Hell yeah, take my money! And… one of these short films has Sigourney Weaver in it, fighting what looks like an alien or something? That is such a fuck you to their other project getting cancelled. I love it! Love it. I have no doubt that this new endeavor will be impressive and a nice look at what we could have had if Blomkamp had his Alien movie.

Neill Blomkamp is a wonderful director, and District 9 is one of my all-time favorite movies. How can you not fall in love with the big eyed prawns, the cat food, the weapons, Wikus, the whole movie is at once tragic, funny, and offers up really smart social commentary. I could watch that movie a thousand times and still enjoy it. It’s such a sad movie. Chappie was probably my second favorite Blomkamp movie. I think I almost cried like five times during that one and chappie is a damn robot! He makes the characters that you wouldn’t typically side with so incredibly human and you feel so deeply for them. If anyone could bring heart to an Alien movie, its Blomkamp.


Honestly Blomkamp moving to a short format makes a lot of sense. District 9 started out as a short called Alive in Joburg. So hopefully people will see these new shorts and demand a Blomkamp Alien film or if he branches out and just makes a whole movie out of the new shorts. There is so much potential there. It definitely has us excited.

District 9 (5)

The first installment Oats: Volume 1 will be up on Steam sometime soon. You should check this trailer out for yourself!


Thanks! – Melissa


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