Keep it Metal! Honor Talos by Sounding This Epic Skyrim Playlist!

custodiexitus_banner_october_spotify Skyrim Playlist on Spotify

Updates have been made to our beloved and very own Metal soundtrack exclusively for the game, Skyrim!  Now you can currently enjoy 125 songs and counting of the best Nordic, Sludge, Doom, Stoner, Black, Death, Thrash Metal, or anything else that sounds Skyrim to your quest crushing experience on Spotify now.

Listen on the go or through PS4 Spotify to hear how Skyrim should really sound.  Bards at the local tavern will have to take the night off because it’s going to get loud at the Winking Skeever!

Tweet @custodiexitus for any suggestions, tell us what you think, and be sure to follow the playlist here: Skyrim Playlist on Spotify




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