Listen to This: Top Bands of Today that Channel Old School NIN You Need to Hear

There are bands out there that have  bestowed an era that reminisces of the likes of albums, Pretty Hate Machine, the Broken and Fixed EPs, and of course, The Downward Spiral.  Here’s a quick list of suggested groups that could revitalize the trademark sound Nine Inch Nails mastered all these years ago that you miss and love:

3teeth– With a release just this past month, they’re front lining as the popular new guys in industrial music but have broken through more successfully than other bands can say at the moment.  The album, Shutdown.exe has a solid blend of what old and new industrial can offer to a fan of the genre.  Listen to: 3teeth’s New Album

 Youth Code– The duo from LA bring a fast paced industrial style to the table and comes off angrier than most.  The band certainly has that tenacity you saw in early NIN that just makes music better to blare loudly. Listen to: Youth Code

Shining-Making what they call “Black Jazz” a known element into their music gives this band a unique edge, but don’t let the label fool you, they take that core element of what Trent Reznors more upbeat songs sounded for you like, “Wish” and “Gave up”.  One of their more known songs will leave you thinking you’re listening to the song, “Burn” revisited but in a genuine way that pays homage to our pig head spinning, fish net enthusiast. Listen to: Shining

Filter– By no means is the band considered new players to the table, in fact, Richard Patrick worked with NIN in its heyday.  Filter’s 2016 release, Crazy Eyes is a bigger attempt to the bands roots with rawness in songs very similar to the style of Trent’s.  The band keeps pretty low key today but this album deserves way more attention than it received. Listen to: Filter-Latest album, Crazy Eyes

Mick Gordon– Not in the sense of a traditional band and musician as the other groups but is a juggernaut in the video game music industry with claims to fame for great OSTs like Killer Instinct, Prey, and Doom.  He has since gained outstanding recognition and has even performed live at the Game Awards ceremony hosted by Geoff Knightley.  Mick’s Doom soundtrack bleeds NIN’s album, The Downward Spiral album but on a steroidic mechanical rampage that encompassed the Doom environment so well.  There’s no justice in trying to describe it but try for yourself and listen here: Doom Original Soundtrack (Instrumental)- by Mick Gordon

That’s our checklist to get your fix and for those people tired of bands just coming off too soft these days.  Tell us what you think and we’d love to hear any suggestions you have @custodiexitus on Twitter.  In fact, we definitely need to know.




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