Foo Fighters’ New Music Video, “Run” Sucks and Here’s Why

From its recently released single, Foo Fighters new music video for the song, “Run” has gotten a lot of attention.  It’s funny setting of a nursing home with all the band members masked up as senior citizens rocking out with their instruments harnessing the energy of their mid-forty versions of themselves is pretty awesome right? Oh, and the deeper meaning behind the song is wholesome and makes for an overall good song too, you know?  Shits weak.

I don’t claim that frontman, Dave Grohl stole this idea when directing his own music video, but this did have me asking, haven’t I seen this before?  Yes, let the music video direction involve the group of look-a-like old people losing their shit once the song gets away from the band’s trademark slow shitty start.  It seems inevitable in any rock music video with such an imagined environment.  Although, from a biased standpoint, I can tell you which band did it better.

Boston’s own, Revocation, is a Death-Metal band that basically made the same music video for the song, “The Grip Tightens” off their album, Teratogenesis.  Sure, the production quality isn’t that great and their root-meaning to their song may translate more along the lines of impending death.  After all, this music video and album is 5 years older than Foo Fighters’ as well.

In our opinion, it’s way funnier, David Davidson’s depiction of an old person is way better, and the song is fucking awesome.  If you haven’t heard of Revocation, you can check out this talented band right here:  Revocation on Spotify

What it comes down to is having you decide which is the better music video or do they both suck?  Quite frankly, we know that “The Grip Tightens” music video is unforgettable.  But, there’s a moment in “Run” that’s pretty funny too.  See both here to decide for yourself:


Please let us know what you think in the replies @custodiexitus on Twitter and tell us if you know of any other bands that did music videos like this too!




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