Bioware at E3 Introduces Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda Price Slashed Again on PS Store

Anthem-teaser-E3-2017-BioWare-1140x640EA’s portion of E3 yesterday revealed some promising news that included a new game from Subdivision and developers, Bioware.  Anthem, was revealed as a new adventure RPG that looks to take on the Sci-Fi futuristic skin once more.  The less-than-a-minute long trailer doesn’t give any gameplay or in game engine footage but does sound like the players choices within the game can take the story in very different directions.  The mech-suits that look to be the main attraction of the game reminds us of Dead Space, while the world imagined around the story looks tropical.

Anthem-da-BiowareExpect heavy customization from the suits used and some similarities to Titanfall 2.  Typically the shorter the trailer, the farther away the game is likely to be in your hands.  Coverage on the game mentioned a 2019 release so don’t expect this anytime soon.  Take a look from the reveal trailer to get your take on Bioware’s new IP, Anthem.

Speaking of Bioware, Mass Effect: Andromeda in all of its glory has once again dropped to 50% off original pricing on PlayStation Store that will be honored until June 16th.  If you haven’t tried the game yet, $30 is great for what you’re paying for.


Ignore the bad publicity and you’ll actually see great value in what sadly might be Mass Effect’s final chapter.  If you were upset to hear about the RPG elements not meeting up to expectations, think of it in the way that you’re paying the other half of the game for the great combat and visuals.

C7tMFOCXwAEvOlsEither way, tell us what you think about the hype on E3 and if this interests you or not.  We’d like to hear your feedback @custodiexitus on Twitter!




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