Fortnite: Six Years in Development Looks to Finally Pay Off in July

If you’re still digging through all the reveal trailers this past E3, take notice on the upcoming cooperative base building monster survival game, Fortnite.  Enjoy a brand new IP that incorporates multiple genres to bring on open world scavenging base builder that uses the resources to build impressive looking forts.  Key reasons that put Fortnite on our radar is as follows:

Graphics– Fortnite looks pristine, though it boasts a more cartoonish look,  its reveal presented a luminous and detailed world.  It’s lighting and color gave a memorable style and was refreshing to see a colorful environment opposed from the eye sore Minecraft and 7 Days to Die look like.

Quality Assurance-Epic Games Studio has put some extreme time in developing the base builder game which was six years in the making.  Every launch has its hiccups but gameplay from Fortnite looks smooth and well thought out from the user interface that has you defending and building in split seconds to the seamless open world it puts you in.  The detail in crafting weapons, traps, and your fort will give you hours and hours alone tinkering with all the freedom in customization have.  The developers come off very humble for their work but have expressed there will be a large support to fix any issues as the game is beyond its release, expressing its not what they consider finished.  

Co-op –Team up with four players with different classes to choose from.  The multiplayer system lets you use anything given from fellow players, let’s you keep or transfer your supplies if jumping into someone else’s game, and open ownership to the fort so all teammates can bring help to its defense as you battle hoardes of monsters.  It’s Team Fortress style and cooperative adventure feel gives Fortnite a lot to offer than just building as well.

For as long as Fortnite has been worked on, it has missed a lot of spotlight in consequence but it’s great to see a game like this come from the woodwork to be released in just a few more weeks.  The game will require online play, and looks to be digital only which is common with most free-to-play games.  CE is not the biggest fan  of those types because the latter to free-to-play is pay-to-win, however, with the main premise of cooperative gameplay and PVP as a separate option, new players will not suffer.  The FTP option helps guarantee a considerably larger player base for the game.  

Keep in mind, Epic Games is indie and as much as the developers have focused on fine tuning the game, Fortnite servers may be a tougher beast to handle on launch day, July 25th.  Unless, you want to pay for early access which grants you four days earlier and extra loot to start with.  CE is very excited for this game and we hope you’ll be too. Tell us what you think or what other titles you’re excited for @custodiexitus on Twitter.




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