Days Gone – 5 Satisfying Things About the Game So Far!

DAYS GONE_20190501200626

  1. Driving around the map on the bike is soooo enjoyable! I barely ever find myself fast traveling. Why would you need to, when opportunities to burn down freakers nests and pick off baddies at ambush camps await around every dusty backroad? Also, thankfully finding gas is very forgiving too so there isn’t like a constant pressure to conserve gas! It’s easy to actually relax and enjoy whipping around trees and through car clogged tunnels. The fact that you can upgrade the bike as you go is also pretty awesome.  Am I the only one getting some Mad Max vibes with the upgrading and building of your magnum opus bike? Oh, sorry zombie on the dusty dirt road, you can’t grab me and knock me off of my bike because I have got the second tier of sweet wheels. Bite the dust.

DAYS GONE_20190501195318


  1. Skill tree upgrades – Is it just me or are skill trees and upgrades like the most satisfying part of a game. With a few carefully placed skill points, your nail spiked baseball bat melee weapon will become an unstoppable skull ripping machine! Oh skinners, you want to use guns, how quaint, you didn’t know? I upgraded my skill tree so that I can fix my melee weapon over and over. So your scarred flesh doesn’t stand a chance against my rush attacks!

DAYS GONE_20190501195757


  1. The in game currency is cooler than bitcoin! So the currency in the game is freaker ears! Woo, these survivors are the freaky ones if you ask me, wanting all of these earlobes. What are they going to do with them? Are they food? Are they for decoration? Who knows? Will we find out? Did I space out and miss the explanation? Maybe. Probably. All I know is that every zombie I mow down is one step closer to earning the trust of Tuker. Sweet sweet granny tucker.

DAYS GONE_20190501201111

DAYS GONE_20190501195552

DAYS GONE_20190427191946


  1. The graphics are on point! The game looks absolutely beautiful. From the very beginning you really get to see the Unreal Engine 4 shine. And I have been so impressed with how everything looks, the mountains, the water, the hordes, the giant stack of flapjacks. It’s all so beautiful. You can really tell that the developer SIE Bend Studio, put a lot of work into polishing the game, and with so many dud games coming out half finished (cough Fallout76), it’s nice to see that there are still some perfectionists out there! What is impressive is that this is SIE Bend Studio’s first console game since 2004. So I am very interested to see what game they develop next!

DAYS GONE_20190501200726

DAYS GONE_20190501200334

  1. The story is surprisingly engaging as you delve deeper in the game. I will have to admit that, in the beginning, how we meet protagonist Deacon and his wife Sarah wasn’t super impactful to me personally. I was kind of ambivalent about the crisis that they were in because their characters weren’t yet developed. But as you progress in the story missions, their relationship starts getting fleshed out, and you really do start feeling for them and wondering, what really happened to Sarah?


    Well those are just my takes on the game so far. What do you think? Are you as addicted as we are over at Custodi Exitus? Does this game get you pumped up to kill more zombies in other games like the Last of Us 2? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to look us up on Youtube! That’s right we now have a channel! Check it out if you are interested!

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