Days Gone Photomode! Take in True Art at the Custodi Exitus Photo Library.

If you’re having fun with the photomode that Days Gone has to offer like us, then you know the satisfaction of catching just the right moment.  Take a gander of the Zombie gallery below and show us your Days Gone beauties in the comments as well.



DAYS GONE_20190503103412
Another Day at the Office.
DAYS GONE_20190503104428
Sorry, I Didn’t See You There.
DAYS GONE_20190503092504
Zombie Slumber Party
DAYS GONE_20190501200726
Met a Lovely Couple.
DAYS GONE_20190503102714
Home is Wherever I’m With You.
DAYS GONE_20190503102903
Heads Will Roll
DAYS GONE_20190503103815
Whisper Me Sweet Nothings.

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