Best Summer Vacation Spots in Video Games!

Look, it’s hot outside, and who wants to spend money they don’t have to go piling bags into the car and drive 2 hours away to the beach, when you can instantly, with the press of the playstation on button, be teleported into an amazing vacation destination?

We are covering the top 5 vacation destinations in video games.


Fallout 76

Now, I hear you saying, what, this isn’t a beachy vacation spot?  But there is more to a good vacation than just the beach! Nothing beats a road trip and sightseeing landmarks and interesting road stops along the way. And that is just what Fallout 76 has in droves. Want to travel to West Virginia and see the Mothman Museum? You won’t get that in a real vacation. Oh wait, you can. But I promise you, this is far cheaper! Plus, you are almost guaranteed to see some cryptids along the way, wendigo, mega sloths, flatwoods monster. Get on now, give Fallout 76 a shot. Scoot.



Star Wars Battlefront II

Now if I got to choose any place to live in the Star Wars universe I would probably go with Endor. This woody planet is ripe for some pretty snazzy vacation tree houses and adorable teddy bear furry creatures. In Star Wars Battlefront II there is a game mode called the Ewok Hunt. In this mode you can become an Ewok and run around Endor picking off storm troopers in the dark. I can just imagine that after the Ewoks all win, they shamble over to the Stormtroopers, pick the corpses clean and have a giant bonfire where they eat their enemies. Is that cannon? Are Ewoks meat eaters? Who knows. Play this game and find out for yourself! After you are done kick back and enjoy the nice forest soundscape in your Airbnb on Endor.



Sims 4 – Island Living

Ok, so I am just going to say it. I play the Sims 4. Whew it’s out there. So now that I am past the embarrassing part the Sims 4 just came out with this awesome expansion pack called, Island Living. I have almost all of the expansion packs. Ok, I have them all. What? I don’t have a problem, you have a problem! Anyway,  what can you do with this summery expansion pack? Well you can be a mermaid and swim around talking to dolphins, throw kava parties, sunbathe nude and get sunburnt, evict people out of their homes and bulldoze their lots to build a monstrosity of a mansion. The setting is reminiscent of Hawaii without the 13 hour plane trip. Also, it is so nice to have my sims eat whatever they want on their tropical getaway, get fat, exercise like 3 times and have six packs. That is exactly how exercise works in the real world? Asking for a friend.



Conan Exiles

Ok, I am going to admit. I am a little hesitant to put this one on here because I feel as if I have gotten screwed by this game not once, but two times…. So first off, this game was free to PS Plus members, somehow I forgot to install it in time. Yup. So, I missed out on a free game. Ok, well… my fault, I will just buy it. I purchased it for $50, then, like a week later it’s on sale for $30! What, What? I should have known, never pay full price for a game. Now, onto the vacation possibilities. Conan has lots of beautiful tropical beaches if you don’t mind the CONSTANT attacks by alligators who can fucking climb rocks and mountains by the way. But, if you can sharpen a spear and dodge roll a thousand times while fighting a croc, then you have the tools you need to set yourself up with a nice bungalow spot! I am just starting out in this game and all I can think about is being able to snatch up some baby animals to have as pets. Now, for vacation spots, there are other options like going up into the mountains but the hyenas are quite a pest and if you end up without a shelter and a sand storm comes, god help you. Oh wait my character worships Darketo, so Darketo help you. The more I explore this game, the more areas there are to explore. So grab your bedrolls and buy this goddamn game while it’s on sale. And if it isn’t on sale, for Darketo’s sake, don’t!



The Sinking City

Now when you hear “Sinking City” you are like ohhhh no, that sounds like a shit hole vacation spot. But hear me out. It’s summer, you probably have a bucket list of things you want to do, bonfire, ice pops, emmm the beach. Maybe on that list you have go to an aquarium! And that is exactly the vibe of the Sinking City game, it’s like an aquarium without any barriers or glass and you have to investigate stuff! Sounds good right? Well yeah, we wouldn’t steer you wrong. Tentacles, its got em, water, oh in droves. So if you want to keep cool this summer, get into this game stat.


summer videogame2.jpg

Well that’s all for now! Enjoy your summer, people, and don’t forget to put down the controler every once in a while. Not to go outside and get some sun, no, to make sure you drink water and stay hydrated. Kidney stones I hear are terrible! What’s your ideal vacation spot in video games you’ve played through?  Tell us in the comments! Happy summer and happy Fourth!


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