The Adventure Zone! Podcast Recommendation for July

One of the funniest podcasts I have found recently is The Adventure Zone! I didn’t know anything about the podcast except that the art looked interesting and it was about Dungeons and Dragons, so I was intrigued. After gleefully binge listening to almost 15 episodes, I finally decided to do some googling. Apparently this podcast is already pretty effin’ huge! Duh! Which given how funny it is, I am so glad that it is popular. It deserves to be! I love to come in late to an awesome podcast with a bunch of episodes because now, I have multiple seasons I can listen to right away, and there is already amazing fan art to check out.


The podcast is hosted by three brothers and their father, combined they form…The McElroy Family. Yes, this is a podcast where they host a Dungeons and Dragons inspired RPG game and they play it with their dad! How cool is that? In the beginning I was like ehh, I don’t know if this is my type of thing. Is this podcast going to be too wholesome? I have listened to other D&D comedy podcasts like Twits and Crits, by Funhaus, and that one is definitely not wholesome haha. But by the end of the first episode of The Adventure Zone, I totally got it. They all interact with each other and with such loving mockery, it’s just funny to hear them banter back and forth about the rules of D&D or their reoccurring jokes.


In one of my favorite episodes, their dad, Clint McElroy was trying to sneakily snack while they were recording and the one brother, the dungeon master, just rips into him. I have found myself laughing out loud so many times to this podcast. Which may be creepy to everyone at my work, just hearing me laughing from my silent office, but who cares.


The Adventure Zone series started in 2014, and is still going strong. They even turned the first season, “Here There be Gerblins” into a New York Times Best Selling Novel in 2018. It seems like there are so many podcasts turning into books, it is such a great time to be into podcasts. So, enjoy this golden age of podcasts and check out The Adventure Zone!


So, what are some podcasts you listen to? Can you recommend any to us? Let us know in the comments section!

– Mel


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