Five Games Releasing This Year That Still Keep Us Going

Despite a lackluster showing this past June’s E3 and too many distant release dates to groan over, there is still a solid year of new games ahead of us. Some of the most highly anticipated games talked about are almost within reach.  Yes of course, they’re all landing in the final quarter of the calendar year for 2019, but the following five games may be strong contenders for being potential GOTY recipients!  Regardless, here’s our top five we strongly agree will keep us looking forward to the months to come.


The Outer Worlds- October 25th 

Obsidian’s Space Traveling RPG gets to us just in time for those players let down by a much-related “cousin” franchise and latest game, Fallout 76.  Obsidian’s experience with the creative development of Fallout New Vegas grew high respect from the gaming community for their contribution to the Post-Apocalyptical series, and to now see a Sci-fi version of their work in a related fashion, makes this an easy buy-in.  Bonus: Check out Obsidian’s website for the game, and download the Fan kit for awesome mobile and desktop wall papers.  We thought that was a great added treat.


Death Stranding- November 9th

Maybe the most anticipated game and confusing game on this list, Hideo Kojima’s stand-alone studio project has caught everyone’s attention for some time.  With an all-star voice acting cast, stunning visuals, and mind-blowing story and concept, Death Stranding is almost too hard to believe we’ll actually get our hands on it in the beginning of November.  We have a feeling we wont be able to put this one down for a long time.


Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order -November 15th

Controversy! EA puts their money where their mouth is and puts out a single-player Star Wars game after a drought and decade long deal to covet the right to make all interactive software using the Star Wars name. With only a couple of games to boot, we patiently await for something different than Battlefront games! Love EA or not, the game’s success is more important if we are to see more potential Star Wars games out there. Check this one out and don’t think about your wallet and purses tragically drying out due to video games this far in to the year.


Doom Eternal-November 22nd

The sequel we are all grateful is happening.  Hell on Earth and the Doom Guy is back and more violent than ever.  Id software’s impressive display at E3  gave us more than just a sequel to look at with drop in multiplayer pvp and images of heavenly arenas?  Expect the unexpected and a fight with your family as you shamelessly leave the Thanksgiving Dinner table to slay demons.


Dying Light 2 -December 27th

Lest we forget and to close out the year, we respectfully let one more Zombie-Slaying game pass without rolling our eyes, and that’s because Dying Light has been a refreshing and beautiful depiction of brutal first-person melee zombie beat downs we’ve ever seen.  The second installment features a story built heavily on your decisions and actions that will change the tides of the game.  Dying Light 2 expands a greater and more dangerous world this December, so use that Christmas Gift-Card that’s been burning a whole in your pocket for two days.

What games are on your list for making the upcoming year better?  Share in the comments and tell us what you think!




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