Man Eating Shark? Check… Rip off Limbs?… Check… Pre-order Now? Done

With shark week going full force right now, we thought it would be a good time to cover the game Maneater, by Tripwire. We first got our first look at this game durning E3 this year, and we have been excited to get our hands on this ever since.

Maneater is a an action RPG where you get to play as a vicious bull shark that is plaguing the Gulf Coast, looking to settle the score after being cut from your mother’s womb. Well that was fast, I am already siding with the shark, lets go hunt some fishermen!

Why does Maneater sound so promising?

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1. The game lets you play as the “villain” which is a mechanic that we would love to see more of in other games. Not everyone wants to be the hero. Sometimes you just want to chomp down on a surfers skull and knock some people off a boat.



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2. The game lets you start as a baby shark! Aw, can’t we just stay small and cute for the whole game? Overtime you level up by munching on as many people as possible, evolving, and eventually becoming a mega shark. Those shark fin soup eaters better stay out of the water because we are out for blood!



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3. One other thing we noticed is the game doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. You can eat certain objects, like a turtle, and projectile shoot them out of your mouth, which sounds pretty cool. We are all for realistic gameplay, but when it comes to an RPG about a shark, yeah, go wild!



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4. Chris Parnell from Archer is signed on to be a commentator during the game! Need we say more?


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So, are you excited for the Maneater game? If you interested, the game is available for preorder now in the Epic Game Store, and during shark week it’s $5 off! Let us know in the comments below and have a safe shark week. Stay out of the water!



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