This Podcast Will Kill You – Podcast Recommendation for August


Bust out your hand sanitizer and be prepared to move into a hermetically sealed underground bunker. Because this month we are going to recommend, This Podcast Will Kill You as our Podcast of the month, for August.


If you are interested in the history or evolution of  infectious diseases this is going to be a germy treasure trove of entertainment and it will make you want to avoid the public entirely! Germs are everywhere! Avoid the people, avoid bats.  Is that a mosquito? Kill it.



This podcast was started by Disease Ecologists and Epidemiologists, Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke, back in 2017. In each episode, the girls expertly discuss an infectious disease and sometimes they even sneak a little macroparasite to spice things up! It’s qutite a testament to the two of them that they can pick a topic like diseases, which can be a bit serious, and make it so listenable. This is one of the rare podcasts that I have listened through the episodes more than once. Some of my favorite episodes have covered malaria, hook worm, the plague, and the very timely, Ebola virus that is ripping through the Congo right now. Scary shit! They do an amazing job of starting most of the episodes with firsthand accounts of someone suffering with the illness they are about to explore. Some of those first hand experiences are brutal! Diseases are fascinating and horrifying at the same time!


Each episode even comes with a themed cocktail. So you can sip on a drink to take the edge off while listening to the grisly of some unfortunate outbreak victim. Just don’t think too hard about how a cherry can look like a plague bubos. Cheers!


If reading is your thing, the girls also have a kick ass book list so you can fully immerse yourself in the world of infectious diseases. Check it out HERE! I have found quite a few books on this list that I have read and love.



I am so glad that podcasts like this are out there. It seems like there is a podcast for ANY topic you can think of, which is good for me because I am all over the place! So, what are your podcast reccomendations? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to check out, This Podcast Will Kill You’s merch store. They even sell soap! How perfectly on brand. Wash your hands you filthy animals!

– Mel





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