The Newly Brutal: Recent and Upcoming Metal Albums

In this week’s spotlight, we’ve included Sludge, Technical, and Death Metal onto a quick list of new tracks we recommend giving a listen to:


If you’re familiar with Obituary, they’ve been in the death metal business for quite some time, but certainly keep their timeless style alive in their new self-titled album that releases March 17th.


Benighted has a new album out late February called Necrobreed that keeps their sound brutally quick and to the point.  Their “Deluxe” release includes a cover from Sepultura that is surprisingly good.  We also recommend the song Reptilian.


Going over something we don’t have to wait for is, The Drip with their album, The Haunting Fear of Inevitability.  The song, Blackest Evocation, is the first track that leads into a solid metal album giving off a raw sound that can be appreciated by any fan.


Also that’s fresh is from Aversions Crown with the album, Xenocide which resembles a lot like Cattle Decapitation.  They execute with excellent precision and the band is another solid representation from the famed record label, Nuclear Blast.  There are many favorites on this album that we have.  Check out the song, Prismatic Abyss below:

If you’re a fan of Vader, then you’ll want to keep this ban on your radar.  Reaping Asmodeia has a sound that keeps getting better, and with just their second release approaching February 24th , the nine track album might leave you wanting way more.  The album release, Impuritze will certainly be marked on our calendars.  Listen to the song Of Talons and Teeth.


King Woman was an unexpected add and a new listen for us.  They may have been a lesser known on the Sludge Metal scene before , but this female led band gets it done and has us anticipating a refreshing album due out February 24th.  Debuting on Relapse Records that rides alongside popular bands such as Mastodon and Baroness, King Woman is a welcoming addition to the small list of bands we know and love from this sub-genre.  Kylesa fans may find a rivaling band once they listen to the song, Deny.



Speaking of Mastodon, they will have an album due at the very end of March with a musical style that is reminiscent of the Crack the Skye era.  This leads us to believe a very promising album is underway, but only can be judged from the single available, Sultan’s Curse.  Nonetheless, we know many fans are especially excited for this one.

That covers our list, but don’t take our word for it.  On a side note, we were quite surprised how music videos are still a thing, especially for the Metal scene.  You can find all of these tracks and more off of Spotify’s New Metal Tracks Playlist, youtube, and iTunes to hear for yourself.  Enjoy!



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