Podcast Recommendation for September – The Last Podcast on the Left

Podcast Recommendation for September

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Halloween is right around the corner (at least to us it is). So, I thought, now would be the perfect time to recommend one of the funniest and scariest podcasts around, The Last Podcast on the Left. I have been listening to this show religiously for a couple of years and it’s undoubtedly my favorite podcast. Get ready to clutch your pearls and gasp because LPOTL is NSFW and it’s also SFA (superfuckingamazing).


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Now, if you know this podcast, you’ll say, oh it’s not very scary. Why is this being recommended as a good show to build up to Halloween? Well to me, Pennywise the clown isn’t something that we need to fear, its REAL people, all over the world that are the actual monsters. That is what is crazy about true crime; it is after you look into some of these brutal true crime cases, fictional horror just feels kind of silly.


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Last Podcast on the Left is the evil child of Henry Zebrowski, Ben Kissel, and Marcus Parks. All three of them shine in different ways. Marcus is the powerhouse of research and diligent reporting. Ben, plays the listener and reacts with goofy quips to release the tension of some of the darker subjects. Henry, is a little polish devil. Which he plays on Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell! Which is a really funny show as well.


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LPOTL is a weekly show that covers many subjects, all of them are reported with a mixture of titillating information presented respectfully, and a good dose of levity. Over the life of the show they have covered true crime cases (both notorious and relatively unknown), cryptids, aliens, historical figures, cults, creepypastas, ghosts, conspiracy theories, and all kinds of other topics.


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Some of my favorite episodes recently have been their three part series on Bonnie and Clyde, Skinwalker Ranch, and the Donner Party. There are so many good ones though! If you like dark stuff and crass humor then definitely check this podcast out!

The Last Podcast on the Left even made the news recently!
In the Trump era, a comedy podcast about conspiracy theories finds a home in the mainstream.

Check out this LPOTH shirt on Etsy!

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Well that is my recommendation for this month! What are some podcasts that you listen to that you think we would like? Let us know about it in the comments below!


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