Halloween Horror Movie Night with Your Cat!

Halloween is a time to watch as many horror movies as humanly possible to get yourself in the festive mood. But how do you make Halloween fun for your cat? Include them in the festivities! Grab a bowl of popcorn for you and some cat treats for your kitty and get ready to get spooked!



Cat’s Eye – 1985
This movie is something I watched when I was younger and has stuck in my mind this whole time. Now, this movie is three stories tied in one, but I really only love the third story in the anthology.  This movie was really nicely done and has some awesome practical effects, if you are a fan of that. The monster, the main character, General the tabby cat, and the dagger carrying scary goblins, all have a lot of memorable features. Plus it’s only 99 cents to rent on Amazon Prime right now! This movie also will teach your cat that it can protect you from getting your breath stolen in your sleep by monsters. So, just a small warning… I hadn’t seen this movie since I was a little kid, we decided to rent it and after re-watching it, there is a weird shock chamber part that is hard to watch if you love cats in the very beginning of the movie. So this is your warning.  Put your hand over your cat’s eyes when that part is playing, It’s fake?… but still.


The Cat With the Hands – 2001
Now this one is a short film that I stumbled upon while researching this article and I am so glad that the title caught my attention! This is an intriguing little story and definitely eerie enough to deserve a watch! I found myself amused and also a bit horrified while watching it. Hopefully our cat Ash, won’t get any ideas about getting his own set of human hands. Something notable about this short is that Guillermo del Toro himself recommended watching it! So you know its legit. Click here to read the article on Bloody Disgusting. com.  Although, it might be cool if your cat had human hands so it could French braid your hair…just a thought.


Tales From the Darkside – 1990


Now the cat in this film is very devilish indeed and may give your cat some bad ideas about going on a murdering rampage! But even the cats need their own version of a Freddy Krueger villian.  Darkside is a comedy horror anthology with stories from the masters, Stephen King and George A. Romero.  Its certainly cheesy, but a great watch for a relaxed October.


Pet Cemetery – 2019
To round off this list is the 2019 remake of Pet Cemetery! If you notice a lot of Stephen King on this list, well that is no surprise. It seems like King is an animal lover and just can’t help but add cats into his writing. Now, I chose the 2019 version because it came out this year, and maybe you haven’t seen it. But all of the older films are also really amazing, and arguably better than the remake. Also props to anyone who named their cat Church after this movie!

This article was researched and co-written with Ash the cat. A fellow contributor here on Custodi Exitus.

IMG_4990IMG_4988 - Copy


So do you have any films to add to this list? Do you plan on watching these with your kitty? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Meowereen!

– Mel & Ash


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