Horror Shows 2019 – A Remarkable Fall Season Lineup

This year’s Fall lineup is looking pretty damn good, and this list notes what really matters on TV, and that could only be Horror! With the Fall season well underway, and more importantly, the lead up to Halloween, watching scary tv shows falls right in there as a great pastime for this month especially. Here is a look at our most anticipated shows for the 2019 season:

Castle Rock Season 2 (Hulu)- Oct. 23rd

Arguably, it takes the crown for this season in horror television, and the second story delves into the dark re-imagining of Stephen King’s, Misery this time around.  Castle Rock had such a remarkable story and cast from last year that its become my most anticipated show for Fall.  The series provides the privilege of giving us a focal point to some of Stephen King’s greatest work so I strongly recommend catching up on this one.


The Walking Dead (AMC)- Oct. 6th

If you’re not familiar with The Walking Dead by now then all I can say is the word Zombie is not spoken in this everlasting TV series.  But we still love it…love, hate.

the walking dead


Creepshow (Shudder)- Sept. 26th

Even if you’re not familiar with the old-school movies from the 80s, the TV version might peak your interest that is a continuation of a collaboration from Stephen King and George Romero.  A horror anthology TV series?  What else could you ask for?



Limetown (Facebook Watch)- Oct. 16th

A kind of success story where a famous podcast gets a chance at small screen success with a mysterious story of 300 missing people involved with a research facility in the state of Tennessee.



Supernatural (CW)- Oct. 10th

Unfortunately the final season for a long lasting favorite tv series that follows two brothers and their ghost hunting adventures.  Spanning to 15 years, the show covers a whole lot more than just that and has won countless TV awards, especially from Canada.



American Horror Story (FX)- Sept. 18th

This season takes on the Summer Camp aesthetic that nods to slasher movies like Friday the 13th and doesn’t shy away from it’s shock value and gore scenes the show is widely known for.


Halloween Wars (Food Network)- Sept. 29th

For the more lighthearted but a favorite nonetheless for its impressive showcase of competitors’ work from each challenge they’re given to make Halloween characters and scenes solely out of food.  It looks delicious, it pumps you up to carve pumpkins, and they have big name guest judges like Tom Savini and Rob Zombie that are known for their notable accomplishments in the film industry.


Enjoyed our list?  Tell us what you’re looking out for in the comments.  We hope you enjoy these small screen scares this year!




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