Zombieland: Double Tap Bashes In the Head of Expectations

Like a ten year high school reunion, the anniversary of Zombieland had us going into it with a curious vibe and not knowing if we were going to start checking our watches half way through.  To our relief, we soon found it very difficult to hate this movie from the appreciation of seeing the whole crew together again to finding it hard not to laugh, and we got an even more awesome zombie killing and comedic story this time around.  (Keep reading for an important note about this movie!)

zombie land 4

Without spoiling anything, to appreciate this movie the most, I suggest seeing the first one if you haven’t already since there are subtle jokes referring to the first installment.  It doesn’t affect the enjoyment of Double Tap whatsoever, but you’ll get more out of it this way.  Another strong point to make about the second film is that it is quite a feat to have all the main characters return without any awkward recasts or missing contenders, especially with Emma Stone who has since been quite sensationalized in Hollywood.  And to top that off, they’ve included some big name actors throughout the movie you weren’t expecting.  That being said, this movie would not be Zombieland if it didn’t poke fun of the Horror sub-genre, laughing at itself intentionally, and providing comic relief at every turn throughout the film. I tried not to laugh at one of the new characters introduced to the Zombieland gang, but failed miserably.

zombie land 1

My ONLY complaint was not seeing the mounted Gatling gun used on one of the vehicles featured earlier in the film.  Oh, and the important note (no spoiler) is to be sure to stay through for the end credits to catch an extra morsel of Zombieland goodness!

zombieland 3

To really like this movie, just remember that it doesn’t take itself seriously and its solely there for a good time. Turning that mindset on made this one of the best fall film additions to see this season. But don’t take my word for it if you don’t want to, Rotten Tomatoes has certified it fresh and brought on a 90% audience rating as well, and I thought this was certainly worth mentioning. So see this one with your friends or S.O. to lighten up your Halloween season!




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