See How You Stack Up! Playstation 2019 Wrap – Up

At the beginning of a new year, it’s always good to reflect on the past year. Did you accomplish all that you wanted? Were you productive? Well screw that, I only measure myself by my gaming stats!

PlayStation has come out with their 2019 Wrap Up and it is an illuminating experience.


I would have never guessed that my top three games were:


Oh and look at that, my longest gaming streak was 16 hours straight in Conan Exiles. Those damn tamable pets get me hooked every time. I want all of the baby hyenas!


I spent zero hours in my Playstation VR set, woops! I definitely need to hook that up again! Hopefully the new Half-Life Alyx will eventually come out on PS VR. Then I will have an excellent excuse to wire everything up again.


After looking at my 2019 wrap up, it looks like a year well spent. Hey, time is never wasted, if it’s spent on doing something you love! It would be interesting to hear my stats on how many hours of podcasts I listened to this year, or how many hours of YouTube I watched, or how many bobby pins I have lost this year, RIP. Haha.

See your own 2019 Wrap Up on Sony’s website HERE.

– Mel



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