What to Binge on Hulu This Weekend – The Terror: Infamy

Later this week, it’s supposed to snow, so now it is the perfect opportunity to plan a cozy weekend night.  Popcorn, some dope ass cozy slippers and of course a little streaming on the couch is in order. Come on Friday!


So when you need, the universe provides! This week, we were excited to see Season 2 of the Terror pop up on our Hulu recommended list, what perfect timing!


The Terror: Infamy is set in WWII and delves us into the horror of Japanese – American Interment camps. We don’t want to ruin it too much by breaking down the story because its so much better when you go into a good show blind. And the imagery of this season is very promising.  That being said, looking back at the U.S. history of using Internment Camps during WW2 may be a lesser known dark chapter that could be only briefly touched on in history books.  The Terror: Infamy tackles a unique and controversial setting that we haven’t seen in a horror story.


What are you watching this weekend? Are you excited for the Terror: Infamy or have you seen it already? What is your favorite thing to do on a snow day?




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