Gost, Black Metal Synthwave

Not to be confused with the popular rock band with the face painted pope, and spelled without the “h”, Gost came to the scene with a familiar but heavier sound closely related to the Synthwave genre.  As the band’s popularity grew, Gost’s direction took an even heavier sound inspired by Black Metal music and has showcased a unique subgenre you wouldn’t have thought would go together.  Incorporating the term, “Slasherwave” to describe his brand, Gost has made an impact on several fronts and his most recent album, Valediction, has made an incredible connection to the darker corners of multiple facets of music.  From Synthwave to heavy electronic beats, then to full on Black Metal, numerous songs catch you off guard in a good way as he structures the music to cover favorable sounds from each genre.

Gost pic

The Occultist imagery, the Darkest Synthwave I’ve heard, and unapologetic screaming makes a statement that electronic music can take an impressive heavy turn but still hold on to deep roots of a Retrowave sounds.  In our opinion its a winning combination that is executed precisely and gives fans what they’ve been missing out on if they’re looking for something a bit darker.  Check them out wherever you listen to music, or catch the Custodiexitus.com playlist for our handpicked favorites from Gost on Spotify.




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