PS Plus Free Games Feb 2020

Its that time again for PS Plus Members and February shows tremendous value while repeating the three games in one deal for one of their choices, plus this month includes two more titles additionally.  If you haven’t already seen, you’ll get Bioshock: The Collection (which is 3 games), Sims 4, and Firewall: Zero Hour which is a game for the Playstation’s VR headset.  Interesting enough, seeing free VR games could be more common now that PlayStation has stopped giving out free PS3 and Vita games since last year.

sims 4
Sims 4

This could be great news for VR fans, however, Sony’s VR headset hasn’t been the success it would have liked and so they’re not as many people that own Playstation’s VR gaming hardware to take advantage of this.  Or maybe as a last ditch effort to turn a few people on to trying its VR, Sony has offered the ability to include more VR related titles this year for PS Plus Members. And since Steam has pulled interest from gamers since announcing a new exclusive VR Half-Life game why not remind players over the 700 plus VR titles Playstation has.  Either way, you’ll have all month to download these free games, but don’t put it off, you’re gaining a $120 value and the highly praised Bioshock series will be hours of quality gameplay alone.  Enjoy!


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