CE Spotlight: Bolivian Metal Band, Armadura



Last week CE shared our gaming playlist for Ghost Recon: Wildlands and it wouldn’t be right to leave out bands like Armadura, a Bolivian metal band that incorporates their roots right into their music.  Their music blends panpipes and Metal all while playing songs about the Incans and the country’s very own folklore.  The band was a must for the playlist from a game that takes place in the South American country.


This in turn, opened up a whole new world to read and hear about the metal scene that exists in Bolivia.  It’s awesome to hear about this type of music reaching all kinds of people from around the world.  It reiterates for us, the true meaning of being a universal language we all can share and blast our speakers to.


From the streets of Bolivia to our radio on Spotify, Armadura and many of Bolivia’s bands come from humble beginnings within a poverty stricken country.  Still, this doesn’t muddle the raw talent and passion these bands have and we only wish good things for their music, fans, and way of life.  Check out this article from NY Times about Armadura, it was awesome to read about the band and others.  It’s so interesting to hear about Bolivia’s Metal scene.  CE instantly became fans!


If you didn’t get a chance to hear our Wildlands playlist featuring Armadura and other Bolivian native metal bands, then please give our CE Spotlight: Bolivian Metal Playlist a listen to.  You may find  new band you love from a background you may never have been exposed to before. We hope you appreciate and enjoy.  We’ll expand our musical tastes culturally more often, it makes our favorite kinds of music that much better.  So listen to some Andean Folk Metal already! Bolivian Metal Playlist on Spotify

Tell us what you think? Know any other Bolivian Metal bands that should be on our playlist?  Know some Metal bands that hail from unique places? We’d love to hear your suggestions @custodiexitus on Twitter!




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