Why Visage Will Complete You and Finally Keep You From Calling Silent Hills Late at Night



It all happened so fast, but it was perfect and just what you needed in life.  Then all of a sudden, it was taken from you and mysteriously gone.  You still think about Silent Hills once in a while and how it could have been so much more.  Time has past since then and we need to move on from Silent Hills, and soon we can!


We can ease that heartbreak with Visage, a game that really harnesses the nightmare of a possessed house to take on the genre of what we desired so much when we played PT.  This maybe SadSquare Studios’ first game, but their ambitious challenge is marking up to be quite an impressive display.

Starting from a kickstarter campaign and working from the ground up, Visage has gained great fan support and the developers give awesome updates on their progress.  It is frustrating to hear how the game is pushed forward on its release on all platforms, but we get a sense that they’re taking a real keen eye on all aspects of development and even listening to fans with their input.  Here are the top reasons why we should all give more attention and support to Visage and its developers:


  1. We get PT back-As CE mentioned before, this will be Silent Hills House Level demo on steroids, fully equipped with terrifying moments all throughout the game that give you that enjoyment we all wish we had more of.  Hills fans will really appreciate what Visage has done to rejuvenate this specified horror genre.
  2. Graphics-The realism of scaling hall to hall and roaming inside this wretched house looks graphically impressive and brings immersion to a new level.  The items left on tables, lighting, fans, and everything bring out such realistic qualities to the game, you’ll forget that it is one.  SadSquare has utilized the Unreal engine beautifully.
  3. VR compatible-Its safe to say that some people will straight up shit their pants to this game, but with VR options, this game could fuck your whole world up.
  4. You can be the ghost-or entity, or whatever the Hell evil the developers conjure up. However, it doesn’t sound like a primary portion of the game, this opportunity and how its presented, has made many fans extremely happy.  It takes an original idea and brings something different to the table for this psychological horror game.  Plus, it was suggested by a fan!
  5. Our last hope-to a serious take on this type of game.  With PT shut down, Alison Road cancelling, and with a couple of busted VR attempts, Visage is the last one standing to bring back what fans have only seen a glimpse of.  We need a full length game like this!


If you’re still not convinced, than we’d love to hear your grievance.  It is an unsure thing to say when we may see this game accessible to everyone, but we think October 2017 would be an epic time to release.  Until then, we’d suggest Layers of Fear to hold you over as a real fun psychological horror game that gives an awesome Victorian theme with it.  Know of any games like Visage and PT worth checking out?  Comment us @custodiexitus on Twitter!  We’d love to hear from you.

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