CE Spotlight: Doom/Sludge Metal Band, Floor

floor band

Floor Playlist on Spotify

Can you call Doom Metal upbeat? Energetic? In this case you can; Miami natives, Floor come from a long line of history.  With multiple hiatuses and reunions to list, that didn’t keep a cult following from forming over decades.  Front man, Steve Brooks explains it took years to develop their style which CE likes to describe as encompassing the low-tuned Sludge Metal brand but with a growth in later years to an upbeat Doom “light”.

Their sound comes off refreshing to the avid fan of the genre and we provided a Spotify playlist of our favorite songs to represent why we love the band so much.  We hope you enjoy a mix from their early beginnings to their latest release in 2014.



The band, to our knowledge, is still active as we are certainly looking forward to hearing new music from them.  Brooks is also the front man of Torche that has a similar sound and you can also check them out here: Torche on Spotify.  Tell us what you think of the band, Floor @custodiexitus on Twitter!  We’d like to hear any feedback or suggestions you have.




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