Calm Your Ass. You Probably Don’t Have Eye Damage.

Despite the risks of becoming a Deadite from yesterday’s solar eclipse, most people looked at the sun without eye protection.  It was inevitable to see everyone do the exact opposite about what was so greatly warned.  It’s in our nature to purposely fuck up sometimes, but even if you looked without the right glasses you are most likely not to experience any permanent effects. Check the “how many seconds did I look at the sun table” to correlate what time gives you the most problems.  A few seconds and you’re most likely fine.  (Reassurance Link Click Here)

Rubbing your eyes then blaming the discomfort of the act on the worry of permanent retinal damage is nonsense.  You wouldn’t feel pain (National Eye Institute Link) due to retinal scarring regardless. 

Almost 90% of people (who experience symptoms of blurriness, blind spots, light sensitivity will see those issues go away over time, (Note on recovery link here) but if you are noticing these issues now, the best thing to do is to go see your eye doctor and confirm.  So calm that ass down, and just be grateful no one read from the Necronomicon during the eclipse.




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