Slayer Calls it Before One Last Final World Tour

The recent news comes as a surprise as one of Metal’s most well known bands, Slayer, works in closing its 35 year career out as the globally dominating force in Thrash-Metal music. It’s sounding out to be quite an epic farewell world tour but no official dates have been released as of yet.

Although, there’s no controversy to the band calling it quits or a doubt from members mutually agreeing to do so, Tom Araya is more well-known as expressing his life away from the stage as a family man, and after 35 years, the 56 year old might actually want to focus on that more? Under a decade shy of retirement age, that’s the goal for the everyday shleps in this country like us, its pretty admirable to go as long as Araya did.

Just a prediction here at CE is that we’d definitely like to think in some form and in some medium you will be hearing a lot from Kerry King by the point of Slayer’s aftermath. And in some way and some form, Slayer would live on with King’s own creativity leading into an incredible new direction.

So if Slayer ends, there’s hope for more from King and this doesn’t necessarily mean Slayer would never make appearances in some ways too. So will you see them live one last time near you? What do you think of the band’s end happening soon? Let us know on Twitter @custodiexitus and tell us what you think!



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