Kingdom Come: Deliverance Released Today

The medieval RPG hit stores today and people before wrote off the game as Skyrim without the magic. That may be a cheap thing to say despite the intricate and realistic 15th century world Warhorse Studios has produced looks quite refreshing. What took more than 4 years from the Czech development company to build, the team shows a world we are not used to seeing in today’s game stream. This crowdfunded, period-accurate game may become the underdog title that turns around how we see RPG titles in the future.

It boasts a highly detailed world and time travels you back to the early 1400s to experience the closest virtual simulation of a historical medieval period to date. But this isn’t some boring history lesson and things get violent from the get-go. I’ll save you the details and you can see the trailer yourself here:

Key elements that make this game peak our interest is it’s hard sell into detail and non-linear gameplay into the story. Kind of the backbone of an RPG nowadays, but your in game actions may alter speech and story development as you go along. Something that we craved after missing out and abandoning the latest Mass Effect game. Kingdom Come: Deliverance also is utilizing the Crytek engine which is famously known for beautifully done realistic textures and environments. The motions of enemy’s in combat and the way they fight and learn your style makes for a challenge in combat indeed. Thirdly, those critics who say Skyrim without the magic, could they get a large scale attack with a sword-and-shield battle when skirmishing Whiterun on that underwhelming Storm Cloak rebellion quest?

That’s where you won’t be pitting the game against The Elder Scrolls. No, the battles aren’t Total War scale, but a hell of a lot more is going on in KDC in this aspect than when you saw yourself running alone into the gates of Whiterun during that “siege”. Also as far as NPC and environmental immersion goes, this looks pretty damn good.

Being that it is out now, we highly recommend you take a look!



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