Stop Getting Burned on Bad Games

It has been said again and again from the online community to point out the sinister and lucrative plans to pull more money from fans pockets in the infamous design of loot crates, micro-transactions, and pay to win schemes.  There’s no coincidence that despite the backlash and continuous spotlight about this issue, games keep this trade going every year because they’re making a fuck ton of money doing it. Sadly, this is not going away and there’s little internet-based outcries will do about it.


When you buy these games, transactions, and DLCs, you are voting these type of cash grabs to remain in the industry. In this business, the best way to keep purity in games and ingenuity when it comes to story and ideas is to simply not buy from these transgressors.  Many publishers found themselves on people’s shit lists in recent months like Activision, WB, Ubisoft, and EA.


On top of that, the marketing campaigns derived from evil-genius-like scheming can really fool us into wasting our hard earned cash on not so great games.  It could be debated how often we hear about the exploits of micro-transactions, but not everyone may know the marketing ploys out there that could give away the gimmicks of hard-selling a total shit game into looking like the next greatest title of all time.

If you’re unfamiliar with the youtube channel, “” does an excellent top ten video on what the more obvious signs are for pre-released games when they won’t meet expectations.  It discusses video game marketing ploys and how publishers handle public relations before a game is released.  Many of the reasons listed come from recent infamous video game releases and may serve as a public service announcement for some.  Be sure to check out this top ten from Watchmojo to help keep you from getting jipped on bad upcoming releases and see if you can spot any tell-tale signs on the title’s you’re currently looking for.



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