One Key Thing You’re Missing Out On When Using the Playstation Store

Besides the flash sales, PS plus membership discounts, and any other random offers on Playstation’s Digital store, they’ve been trying to give you money and you probably didn’t know it. It’s possible that members could have earned at least one Playstation Store Gift card with a value of at least $10 by now. And that’s just by simply purchasing stuff through the store.


Sony Rewards has been a service for customers for years and linking a Playstation account towards the free program could have helped pay off some of those games! If your primary way of purchasing games is digital, then linking to Sony’s reward program makes sense. Granted, the accrual rate by purchases equates to a dollar a point, many promoted items will show in a given ad banner with a 3x symbol meaning three times the value in points will be awarded. Also, if you use services like PS Vue or PS Now regularly, this will be a consistent source of points and a multiplier put towards your balance.


This isn’t some gimmick or system to buy more stuff and it’s surprising how many people you know forget about this feature. The rewards can range up to claiming Sony’s consoles, not to mention, the wide array of other electronics the company makes. Realistically, the average user, will be eligible for just the gift cards and Playstation Store digital codes when using the service casually. The other stuff just seems way too high to ever achieve, and believe it or not, the rewards points can expire long term. So link up your account and get rewarded while you have a solid balance!

logo-sonyrewards-bwWe suggest saving up for the 10 dollar Playstation Digital store codes and you can always save them in your wallet. It may take a while to add up enough points but the free account is worth the time signing into Sony Rewards.  You’ll need to know your PS Plus username and password to successfully link up.  Learn other ways to add up points and sign up here:



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