Metal Gear: Survive -One Specific Issue Co-Op Fans Need to Read!

This is a specific complaint about Metal Gear: Survive that may not come as a surprise to the already apparent list of issues gamers have with the zombie survival game, but this almost seems like false advertising!

The infamous “you have no friends” notification

How does one game build it’s reputation around collaborating with survivors in another dimension when the campaign is SINGLE-PLAYER! All videos, Demos, and advertisements fail to explain that you can’t play with other people unless you’re in a bullshit salvage mission which is basically a mini-game, community side quest with no hunting no gathering no survival challenges, just waves. A bastardization of a Fortnite shelter defense mission except where you build traps but LOSE them each wave even if devoid of any damage at all.

“Gotta Clear ’em all me self I suppose!”

What is the point of this game if you can’t build and band together in a campaign that could clearly be modeled to hold multiple players? For Christ’s sake, make it at least CO-OP, and someone could play as that pessimistic loser, Reeve. The salvage mission is exactly from the demo except you have shit to use because you just droned through the excessively long tutorial to get to a point where you just want to play with your friends except it all turns out to be bullshit anyways!


I’m not a Konami or Hideo sympathizer, I could honestly care less that Konami shamelessly tried to milk this series but it could have been an alright game if they just made the campaign multiplayer. Why limit the opportunity for more people to play the game? The game requires constant online connectivity anyways! Developers could even have kept the cutscenes the same.

I tried to keep an open mind but I haven’t had this bad of buyers remorse for a game for a long time. I don’t know who is more to blame here, Konami for providing a false and lackluster cooperative gaming experience or me when I negligently climbed over the garbage pile of bad PR this game continues to receive.

Thumbs down.



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