What We’re Playing This Weekend- Journey To The Savage Planet

It’s finally time for one of my personal highly anticipated games to drop. That’s right, Journey to the Savage Planet is out today!  Finally!


What more can you ask for from a game? Its scenery is lush and saturated, it’s co-op, it’s a space game, it’s got a sense of humor. Sign me up! The preorder is available on PS4 and it came with a PS theme. So if you are interested, get on this game a little early and score a new look for your PS.


In Journey to the Savage Planet, you are a working for the man, Kindred Aerospace, which is an exploration corporation that seems dicey at best. Your daily grind is surveying the land and the fauna to see what this new planet has to offer. Hey it’s gotta be better than office work. 


Now I have been avoiding reviews so the game won’t be ruined for me but I have seen a lot of talk about how this is just a really funny and enjoyable game. And sometimes it’s just nice to de-stress by teaming up with a friend and exploring a planet. I really loved some of the humor in Outer Worlds, and I haven’t really seen anything with that vibe since.


So, what are you playing this weekend? Do you plan on getting a good game session in? What games are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!



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