Reversing the Doom Soundtrack On Vinyl May Summon Hell, Pre-Order the Collection Now

The critically acclaimed and our personal favorite soundtrack, from the latest Doom game, is getting the Vinyl and CD treatment this May. If you’re a vinyl collector and an avid Doom fan, you’re about to cream your shorts because this ‘Special Limited Edition XLP’ looks so fricken’ good!

The whole soundtrack’s 31 songs are included on four uniquely designed red vinyl records with a hard slip case and includes individual sleeves with Doom’s trademark artwork from the game. Plus, you’ll get the soundtrack on CDs as well.

To get the red vinyl you’ll have to pre-order now or before May 2nd, otherwise, only the standard black vinyl records will be available. At a flat $100, you’re shelling out some serious cash for this collection, but even as a non-vinyl enthusiasts, we’re eyeing this down hard.

Mick Gordon’s musical representation of Doom is award winning and one of our favorite video game soundtracks of all time! The industrial-metal stylized soundtrack puts most current bands of the genre to shame! Pre-order this bundle from soon!



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