They All Float In Hope County -Farcry 5 Easter Egg

It didn’t take long in Farcry 5 to find our first Easter egg that was a nod to the recent re-made horror flick, IT. The red ballon on the entrance of a storm drain came off eerie and amusing at the same time. You may find this balloon northeast of the near crop circle if judging from the games map menu.

IT balloon

What’s really intriguing is how far this could possibly go if certain parameters are met to further the novelty of that Easter Egg. Will showing up at night give you different results?! We’re investigating this further but fans of the game have probably already sought this one inside and out. For us, going into the storm drain or shooting the balloon did nothing, but we may have come off too hastily around the discovery.


img_0299Tell us what you found out in the comments or @custodiexitus on Twitter. How do you like the game so far? Have you already found other Easter eggs in the game? Who knows what else is out there!



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