Abbath Fans Patiently Await for the Second Album As We Predict It’s Release


Upon hearing the great news of the recording session taking sail by the beginning of December, we can only speculate what and when we’ll hear anything about Abbath’s second full album release.   Abbath’s self-title album was recorded and released in five months and previous Immortal albums didn’t stray too far from an average of 5-6 months as well.  However, could the departure of contributing band-members from the previous record and the pressure of Immortal’s recent success without Abbath, cause a delay in producing this highly anticipated album?

We don’t necessarily think so, and if there are no debilitating factors that could hurt the progress of the album, it would be amazing to see the record as early as April 2019.  Of course, this is all speculation, but it would be surprising to not see at least a single given by this time. The creative direction and the riffs of songs like Winter Bane, Ocean of Wounds, and the comeback of Nebular Ravens Winter are all our own personal favorites from Abbath and to see a progression in the future works from the band would certainly make a promising second album.  Of course, the organic raw material and the unexpected is what makes us most excited for new Abbath the most.  The problem is, we just unreasonably want to hear it now.



Until then, tell us what songs made the first album for you and what news you’ve heard on Abbath’s progress for the upcoming album!





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