Oof! Wolfenstein:Youngblood, Receives Average Reviews

At the time of writing this, Wolfenstein: Youngblood takes an average score of 64 in reviews and the user rating is a brutal 2.6 score.  So what happened?  Bethesda took the low road and microtransactions were more apparent than in previous Wolfenstein games, no local co-op (and those who fell victim of finding that out... Continue Reading →

Do You Only Have YouTube Friends?

People are more connected than ever and there's a community out there for just about everything you can think of.  You see it all the time; videos go viral, a tweet can spark outrage from the masses, and communities can raise money for an amazing cause or for charity.  There's an interesting note to take... Continue Reading →

Custodi Exitus Now on YouTube!

We just went live on YouTube with our very own gaming channel that will serve our fans with a mix of Gameplay and Gaming topics for our fans!  If you haven't checked out yet, give us a look and while you're at it maybe a Like and a Subscribe to keep you informed when we... Continue Reading →

The Take on Metro Exodus

At first glance, and our first impression, held great appreciation for the aesthetic and look of the game.  Finding Artyom in familiar underground surroundings brought on a fantastic opener to the much anticipated third installment to the series.  The horror-survival vibes you get walking through dark subway tunnels puts things on edge as you're anxiously... Continue Reading →

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