How to Never Pay Full Price for Your Gaming Addiction Again

Gamer on a budget?  Everyone should be! There's no reason to pay $60 a game, pay a down payment (pre-order), and then lose extra for DLC! There's no secret or gimmick here, if you want to get the most games for your buck, then you should try the "Two Month Rule". Yea, We are seeing... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Horror Games: QTR 2 2017

Here's a quick list of our top 5 Horror Games we are looking forward to and keeping tabs on for the 2nd quarter in 2017.  Let us know what horror games you're excited for or tell us your suggestions on our Twitter, @custodiexitus 1) Visage-  How long do we have to wait for our Silent Hills rip... Continue Reading →

Death Stranding Discussion with Kojima at Playstation Experience to Hopefully Offer More Detail Than Just a Naked Norman Reedus

  This Saturday kicks off a Two-day Playstation exclusive event in Anaheim, California to present to visitors some of the industry's hottest upcoming games as well as a plethora of showcased titles available to play throughout the show floor.  However, what has gained the most buzz, is a panel discussion scheduled to provide highly desired news about Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima's... Continue Reading →

Five Holiday Themed Games for the Season

    If you're looking to brighten up your Christmas Spirit and enjoy some seasonal gaming, then you'll have to try out these Holiday Gems.  From old to new and from bad to good, there are not as many games dedicated to the holiday month which is to be expected.  However, of the ones we found, here is the list... Continue Reading →

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