Spicy Cheetos Inspired Die… AKA… The Most Beautiful D&D Dice I Have Ever Seen!

These Dungeons and Dragons prototype dice by DISPEL DICE are so beautiful, I had to post about them! This is not sponsored, I am just in love with their dice! The sparkles, the iridescence, oh it's a critical hit to my eyeballs! Roll for wallet damage. From the description on their Twitter, it looks like each die... Continue Reading →

Do You Only Have YouTube Friends?

People are more connected than ever and there's a community out there for just about everything you can think of.  You see it all the time; videos go viral, a tweet can spark outrage from the masses, and communities can raise money for an amazing cause or for charity.  There's an interesting note to take... Continue Reading →

Heat Wave Approved Video Games

If you live anywhere in the United States, chances are you are living through a scorching heat wave right now. A few of the of ways to survive this hellscape is to 1. Only venture out if its in pursuit of a Stroopwafel McFlurry 2. Crank up that air conditioning and hope the power grid doesn’t... Continue Reading →

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