One Key Thing You’re Missing Out On When Using the Playstation Store

Besides the flash sales, PS plus membership discounts, and any other random offers on Playstation's Digital store, they've been trying to give you money and you probably didn't know it. It's possible that members could have earned at least one Playstation Store Gift card with a value of at least $10 by now. And that's... Continue Reading →


Metal Gear Survive- Konami Survives Kojima

Konami takes the Kojima controversy and shuts you the hell up with a combination of Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Fortnite, and State-of-Decay? Holy Shit! Take whichever side you'd like over the bad PR that Konami received. The company that published all of the games from the lead creator of the Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima,... Continue Reading →

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