Calm Your Ass. You Probably Don’t Have Eye Damage.

Despite the risks of becoming a Deadite from yesterday's solar eclipse, most people looked at the sun without eye protection.  It was inevitable to see everyone do the exact opposite about what was so greatly warned.  It's in our nature to purposely fuck up sometimes, but even if you looked without the right glasses you... Continue Reading →


Alien Covenant – Top 5 Things We Loved!

Custodi Exitus grabbed some popcorn and finally saw Alien Covenant! Ahh it's been a long time coming. If you haven't seen the movie yet you might want to stop right here because there will be spoilers. More importantly, if you haven't gone and seen this movie, go see it already! It is really satisfying. Also, I heard... Continue Reading →

Alien Movie – Android Blood Cocktail

We have been gearing up for the new Alien Covenant Movie by re-watching all of the old movies in the franchise. We started,of course, with the original Aliens from 1979. Which in my opinion, is the best movie in the whole series. How can you not love young Sigourney Weaver blasting her way through the... Continue Reading →

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