For Honor Playlist on Spotify Kills! C.E. radio brings upon a furious playlist to benefit your slaughter while playing For Honor!  Tired of playing games with soulless background music? Then immerse yourself in the blurred rage and onslaught that is your gaming experience when playing this brutal 72 track list especially forged for the game, For Honor. No soundtrack... Continue Reading →

Inquisition- Black Metal At It’s Finest

  After some time dabbling around in the stoner-sludge metal genre I've stumbled across some great bands that harness the modern Black Metal appeal to their work.  I can't say I'm an avid follower of the genre, but I can appreciate the similar qualities I've noticed from other metal bands while discovering a darker presentation.  One band that... Continue Reading →

DOOM Tunes

  There's nothing more rewarding than taking a chainsaw to a Hell Knight and cutting right down the middle as you battle through a FPS nightmare in the game, DOOM.  This re-creation from id software released earlier this year and is highly entertaining to play.  Having met my expectations of chaotic gameplay to visually stunning  graphics, I was unaware of how... Continue Reading →

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