Ghost Recon Playlist with Bolivian Metal on Spotify Now!

Wiping out Cartel Buchons just isn't the same without your favorite Ghost Recon: Wildlands Playlist on Spotify.  Soar over the Andes, dirt-bike the valleys, and tread through the lowlands of Bolivia to our very own Wildlands soundtrack that fashions the energy you experience in the game.  With a mix just over 5 hours of primarily... Continue Reading →

Inquisition- Black Metal At It’s Finest

  After some time dabbling around in the stoner-sludge metal genre I've stumbled across some great bands that harness the modern Black Metal appeal to their work.  I can't say I'm an avid follower of the genre, but I can appreciate the similar qualities I've noticed from other metal bands while discovering a darker presentation.  One band that... Continue Reading →

DOOM Tunes

  There's nothing more rewarding than taking a chainsaw to a Hell Knight and cutting right down the middle as you battle through a FPS nightmare in the game, DOOM.  This re-creation from id software released earlier this year and is highly entertaining to play.  Having met my expectations of chaotic gameplay to visually stunning  graphics, I was unaware of how... Continue Reading →

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