Upcoming Charming Games That Will Help You Smile Through The Apocalypse!

We know that 2019 - 2020 is going to have a lot of solid games, Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk, Outer Worlds. But what if you are looking for something in contrast with all of that? Check out this list of upcoming video games that are bound to cheer anyone up. Unless Dark Souls cheers you up,... Continue Reading →


Do You Only Have YouTube Friends?

People are more connected than ever and there's a community out there for just about everything you can think of.  You see it all the time; videos go viral, a tweet can spark outrage from the masses, and communities can raise money for an amazing cause or for charity.  There's an interesting note to take... Continue Reading →

Heat Wave Approved Video Games

If you live anywhere in the United States, chances are you are living through a scorching heat wave right now. A few of the of ways to survive this hellscape is to 1. Only venture out if its in pursuit of a Stroopwafel McFlurry 2. Crank up that air conditioning and hope the power grid doesn’t... Continue Reading →

A Horror-full Summer!

This summer has been great time to be a horror movie fan! Just in this half of 2019 we have had quite a few horror movies come out, Pet Cemetery, Us, Brightburn. Soon Crawl is coming out, so it is a TERRIFYING year so far, the erratic weather, the horror movies, just all of it.... Continue Reading →

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